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Not only do we talk of quality at Al-Yusra but we provide whole some food that is Halal (allowed by God to be consumed), hence our mission statement '' where Halal Meets Quality

Wedding Venues/ Reception
in Nairobi

Are you in search of a nice wedding reception venue or rehearsal dinner restaurant in Nairobi? We know exactly how challenging it can be to find the best wedding reception venue especially a venue that is within your budget but at the same time a venue that meets all your requirements. You will certainly want the very best for your dream wedding and given that your rehearsal dinner sets the mood for the entire wedding, you would be just as cautious in selecting a restaurant to host a rehearsal dinner.

We will take extra care and attention to guarantee you with the best services. Our spacious wedding venue can comfortably accommodate all your guests. Thanks to our location in CBD there are plenty of hotels within a walking distance. This by itself would be much appreciated by out-of-town guests who would be able to tour Nairobi.